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The seventh year of the international competition of young glassmakers, Sanssouci Junior Glass Match, took place in Karlovy Vary from 21 to 23 March 2014. This year, 58 students studying different glassmaking fields at 14 secondary and tertiary schools or universities in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia participated in the competition. The prizes were awarded to the winners at Spa Resort Sanssouci on Saturday, 22 March 2014.

Competition Results:

Senior Category (Tertiary Schools and Universities):
1) Jiří Liška, Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Faculty of Multimedia Communications – Award for achieving a crossover to contemporary art and a pure composition with marked external tension and sufficient perspective.
2) Tereza Cukier, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Wroclaw – Award for contributing to an emotional position and for the use of glass as raw material, otherwise often perceived only in its aesthetic purity.
3) Veronika Šindelářová, Technical University in Liberec – Award for a resourceful and ingenious concept, precise workmanship, and the magic of minute details.

Junior Category (Secondary Schools):
1) Martina Fabiánová, Secondary Art and Industrial Glass School in Železný Brod – Award for combining classic techniques with modern fine arts and for reflecting them in a cultivated design and by perfect workmanship. Bonus: Made for a specific manufacturer.
2) Ilona Dragoeva, Secondary Art and Industrial Glass School in Kamenický Šenov – Award for an emotional approach to traditional painting techniques and for invigorating a conventional shape with a dynamic decor.
3) Kateřina Karlovcová, Business Academy, Secondary Professional School and Training Centre in Třeboň – Award for an unorthodox approach to utilising old techniques in order to achieve an extraordinary result.

Award for Excellent Craft Skills:
Matouš Volák, Secondary Art and Industrial Glass School in Kamenický Šenov – Award for remarkable craftsmanship that seemingly appears simple and a matter of course.

Spa Resort Sanssouci Award:
Radek Brezar, Secondary Art and Industrial Glass School in Železný Brod.

Electronic voting (facebook):
Helena Čujová, Technical University, Liberec, Czech Republic

The winning authors received prizes provided by Imperial Karlovy Vary a.s. All the works were displayed throughout the competition on the premises of Spa Resort Sanssouci. A selection of the works will be exhibited in the SunGallery at Spa Resort Sanssouci, Karlovy Vary, from 23 March to 12 July 2014.